PrivateMSG let users encrypt and decrypt messages for secure conversation

Social Messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Telegram etc. already allow to enjoy secure and encrypted chat. However, this article is not about such encryption, but the encryption of texts that no one can understand without entering the password. This feature could be very useful if you are afraid that someone can read your private messages. There are some websites that you can visit to encrypt or decrypt messages, but we will tell you about the free app that is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

How to encrypt and decrypt message/text on iPhone

  • Download PrivateMSG app from the app store, and launch it
  • Encrypt : Tap on Write a Message tab, and write anything you want. Enter the password in the provided field, and hit the “Encrypt it” button. Now the message will be encrypted and it will require password to decrypt it. You can tap on “Copy URL to Clipboard” option, and then send it to anyone you want. You can also tap “WhatsApp” option to send it via WhatsApp. Don’t use Copy Message option, because user without the app won’t be able to understand what to do with that

Encrypt message with password iPhone


How to decrypt and read message 

  • Method 1 : If you have received encrypted message as link, simply click on the link, and it will launch the app automatically. Enter the Password, and tap on “Decrypt it” option

Decrypt password protected message

  • Method 2 : If you have received as Message, and there is no link. Launch PrivateMSG App, tap on “Decrypt a Message” tab, Paste the message, enter Password, and hit “Decrypt it” option. If you don’t have an app, visit, paste the message, and hit Decrypt Message option

Decrypt Private Message

  • Method 3 : If you have received a link and you don’t have the app. Just click on the link, and it will take you to the PrivateMSG website, where you can enter the password and decrypt it to read message

Those who don’t have the app or doesn’t want to install it

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