How to enable or disable frequent location feature on iPhone

These days smartphones are very smart, they even know where we have been. Frequent Location feature on iPhone keep the record of places you have frequently visited. This feature is enabled by default, but it can be turned off.

Here is how to check the places you have been, and turn on or off the Frequent locations feature on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings App

IPhone's Settings

  • Tap on Privacy, and Select Location Services
  • Now scroll down, and tap the option “System Services”

iPhone Privacy and Location Option

  • Tap Frequent Locations, and it will show you cities where you have been. You can tap on City Name to view the places/location you have frequently visited. It will show the Screenshot of the Map, and will also show how many times you have been to those places
  • You can slide the Frequent Locations switch to the left, and it will stop tracking now onwards. You can hit the clear history option to remove those places from the list

Turning off frequent locations on iPhone

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