How to Embed Images, GIFs, and Videos from Google Photos into Your Blog or Website?

Google Photos is the best cloud storage to backup photos and videos because it comes with unlimited storage. You can keep uploading as many photos, GIFs, and Videos as you want. If Google had allowed embedding those photos and videos to Blogs and Websites, we would have used Google Photos as Video/Image Hosting site without spending a single penny. Google allows sharing images and videos from Google Photos, but that’s all about social media and link sharing. You can’t embed and add photos to your blog or website. Well, there is a way to do that.

How to Embed Images and GIFs from Google Photos to a Blog or Website?

  • Visit Photos.Google.Com, and log in with your Google ID and Password.
  • Click on the Photo you want to embed.
  • Click on sharing icon.
  • Now hit get link option.


  • Now copy image link manually, or you can click on copy option to copy the link automatically.



  • Wait for a couple of seconds until the embed code is generated.
  • You will get Direct Link as well as Embed Code. Copy the Image Embed Code.


  • Now you have the embed code, use it on your blog or website where you want to use images.

WordPress Users 

If you are trying to embed on a WordPress blog or website, it’s little tricky. You need to follow these steps;

  • Follow the same process we told above to generate Embed Code.
  • Copy Image Embed Code.
  • While writing a post, select Text tab. We usually write post selecting Visual option, but Text Option allows to add HTML codes that visual option won’t let you do.
  • After you select Text tab, paste the embed code where you want the image to appear. You can also use <center>EmbedCodeHere</center> to put the image in center.


Here is how an embedded GIF image looks like;


This trick can save you lots of space on your hosting if you upload a lot of GIFs to your blog. If will also make website load faster because those GIFs will not load from your server.

Can I Embed Videos from Google Photos?

Embedding Videos from Google Photos is not possible. However, you can display Player that will look like a video, and when your visitors try to Play, they will be taken to Google Photos website and they can watch videos. It’s still very useful for those who don’t want to upload the video to YouTube.

You need to follow the same steps we explained above. Copy Video Link from Google Photos, Generate Embed Code and use on your website. Here is how an Embedded Video looks like;

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