Electronic Fax: Some Tips and Tricks You Need To Try

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Electronic Fax is also known as Online Fax. So what is it? What’s the difference between traditional Fax and Electronic Fax? Electronic Fax is a medium to Fax, but it doesn’t require you to use a Fax Machine. So you can send and receive Fax anywhere at your convenience without owning or walking to a Fax Machine.

How does Electronic Fax Work?

Since it’s an online Fax System, you may get confused or think that it will be delivered digitally only. However, this is not the case. Electronic Fax can surely be delivered digitally, but it can also be delivered to a Fax Machine. For example, you have a document that you want to send to a Fax Machine. While using Electronic Fax, it gives you the option to type a Fax Number. Once you click on the Send button, it will be delivered to that particular Fax Machine. 

Some Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind While Using Electronic Fax

Take Care of the Document or Paper Size: Make sure that you are using a Standard Size Paper or Document. If you are faxing a Scanned Copies of the document, it should probably be in Standard Size itself, but you should still recheck. If necessary, resize/crop/edit before faxing. If the paper size is too large, the Fax Machine may cause partial print.

Font Color, Background, Font Face, and Font Size: It is recommended to use a plain white background and black text unless it is necessary to use other colors. This makes the document look professional and easy to read. It also consumes less ink while printing. Arial, Calibri, and Verdana are among the most popular fonts used in offices. These fonts are easy to read even when small font size is used. However, you should keep the font size between 11 and 13.

Own a Fax Number or Toll-Free Fax Number (for Business): If you own a business or firm, you should own a Fax number. It is very important and makes a good impression among clients. However, owning a Fax Number or Toll-Free Fax Number doesn’t mean buying a Fax Machine. There are some Electronic Fax Service Providers that also provide a Fax number. If you are looking for a Tool-Free Fax Number, eFax online fax service might suit your needs. They can provide you with a toll-free Fax Number that can be used to receive Faxes digitally. Whenever you receive a Fax, it will be delivered to your inbox and the sender will feel like faxing to a Fax Machine.

Checking Document Quality Before Sending Fax: The quality of the document is very important. Try keeping the document in proper resolution, 200 DPI is a good start. You should also make sure that the document is being sent in the correct direction (should not be upside down). You should also consider adding a cover page that should clarify the purpose of sending the document and the type of document you are sending.

Never Use a Free Electronic Fax Service to Send Professional Documents: This might sound strange that we are forbidding to use free service. Free stuff usually comes with a catch and it also doesn’t guarantee any security. They usually add the branding on the Cover Page to advertise their service. It certainly makes a really bad impression and makes it look unprofessional. Their paid service is expensive and charges per fax. Having no monthly/yearly plan, no Fax number, and Account option to receive Fax, etc. make them quite clumsy to use. However, if you are still looking for one, you can read this article.

Look for a Complete Online Fax Package: Whenever using an Electronic Fax Service, you should make sure it offers a complete package that suits your needs and can also be used while expanding your business. An Electronic Fax service provider should usually own an app along with a web service. This enables you to send and receive faxes on the go without having to use your computer. It should also have the option to send faxes via email. Sending Faxes via email is very easy, you just attach documents to fax them and the email body works as a cover letter. The receiver field usually includes a fax number with a service provider website address that may look like this “[email protected].” Once you email, it will be delivered to the Fax Number you provided. A good online service provider will also provide you a Fax Number to receive Faxed digitally. E-sign is another feature that you should seek. Sometimes faxes need to be signed electronically and this feature should be available within the app/service. Don’t forget to check the storage option. Receiving too many faxes might make you run out of storage. So they should either provide unlimited or an adequate amount of storage to keep your documents saved.

Always ask for a Trial: Electronic Fax Service Providers usually offer a free trial. If you don’t see any trial option, you can always contact them to ask for a free trial to test the service. Any good and reliable service provider will never refuse.