Easy-To-Use Video Editor With Great Features And A Month Free License

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Video Editors are one of the popular application that most of us use it. Some of us rely on Mobile applications to edit videos and some Edit them on the computer. However, some apps could really be annoying with complicated features that may frustrate a simple or non-tech user. So, we are here to discuss a simple video editor application that comes with most of the popular features that anyone needs in day-to-day use.

Meet iMyFone Filme: A Video Editor Application Without Complication

iMyFone Filme video edit is a Video Editor for Windows Computers. Whether you use Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, this application works on all those versions. Here are some cool features that make this application useful.

Basic Editing Features

When we talk about the Basic Editing Features of any Video Editor Application, that usually include Cutting, Trimming, Cropping, Splitting, and Rotating Video Files. Filme also comes with those features. It also allows to adjust the playback speed to give it a slow-motion or time-lapse effect. The Editing feature is very user friendly that let you preview videos while you edit them. So you will not need to export and then watch like traditional applications. This feature can save lots of time. You are likely to enjoy iMyFone Filme that is the best Video Editor with cool features.

Video Effects and Filters

Here is the cool part of any good Video Editor application. Any not-so-cool videos can look so cool with the cool effects and filters. Here is what you can do with this app:

  • Picture-in-Picture and Slideshow Effects: This effect allows you to give some cool transitions to your videos. You can add multiple videos and images and apply this effect to create a Picture-in-Picture Effects or Slideshow to give a cool animation to your videos.
  • Adding Multiple Audios: Sometimes one audio is not enough to give a great sound effect, so Filme lets you add up to 8 audio files. You can create a great remix Audio effect if this feature is utilized wisely.
  • Filters or Effects: There are some cools effects that you can utilize to make your video look stunning. The best feature to impress your friends on Social Media Platforms.
  • Multi-Layer Feature: This feature allows you to add texts, stickers, etc, to make your video perfect wherever needed.

How to Get Your One Month Free License?

Visit the giveaway page of this best free video editor and then click on the See Pricing option. Then you can choose to share on Facebook or Twitter to get a month of free License to test the app without any restriction. If you find it useful, you can pay $4.95 only to get a lifetime license. This app is very cost-effective and there aren’t video editor applications that you will actually find with such a low price tag.