Download Offline Installer for Internet Browsers; Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox

download offline installer browser free

Before we go ahead to tell you where you can download the offline installer for the most popular internet browsers, let me inform what is offline installer.

What is Offline Installer

Offline installer is not related to internet browser only. It could be for any application that you download. An online installer downloads a very small size of file, and when you run the file it starts downloading the full file so that you can install the app. However, an offline file is a complete file that can be installed even when you don’t have an internet connection, but you need to be connected to internet to download the file once. You can also use this file on multiple computers to install the applications. So it saves your data, and it saves time. Online Installer could be a pain if your internet connection is not stable.

Here is the link to download offline installer for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Dragon Browser

These are useful for Windows OS only, because Mac already downloads offline installer. All these internet browsers are free, so don’t worry about any charges. Offline Installer is also known as stand alone installer.

Google Chrome

Download for single user account

Download on computer with multiple users

Mozilla Firefox

Download here in desired language


Please note that Apple has stopped providing Safari Update, and they don’t release it for Windows anymore. The latest version of Safari is 9.1, but if you don’t mind getting an older version (5.1.7), you can download it from FileHippo.

Dragon Browser (Comodo)

Dragon is a chromium internet browser that looks and works exactly like Google Chrome, but they claim it to be more secure. The company also provides free internet security, anti virus and PC tuning apps. You can download this browser from here

If you face any trouble getting them, please comment below.

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