Download FaceUp and take care of your addiction to smartphone

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Do you ever realize how often you use your smartphone? Is it really necessary to use that much? Some people are hooked up, and they are not interested in anything else, but the mobile and the internet stuff. People are getting addicted to their smartphones, and this addiction ends up badly sometimes. How do you feel when you visit your friend after a long time, and he is not giving you enough time, but busy with his mobile? It’s frustrating and annoying, isn’t it?

A group of enterprising locals created a mobile phone application called FaceUp, which helps users to disengage the Smartphone, and tells you the actual level of your addiction to the smartphone.

This application, which is available for Andorid and iOS and was presented a week ago, has a test that lets you know the level of dependency on Smartphone or iPhone and, if necessary, will suggest participating in a program to overcome by some activities.

According to its creators, it has been designed to combat the alarming increase of bad habits associated with bringing smart phones to our lives. This is a Spanish application offered by iBoo Mobile. You can click here to buy it from Google Play Store.

It also lets you know the evolution that you as a user analyze how you use your phone? So, you can know your level of interaction with your family, work, friends, and others or whether you have disconnected from them, as some users have already fallen into the phubbing action by which relegate or ignore the person who accompanies you to use any mobile device.