Download 8 Premium iOS apps for free today

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Yesterday, we posted an article about downloading the Premium iOS apps for free, and we are back with some more apps. These apps are free for a limited time, so download them before the offer ends.

Plex : Usually $ 4.99, now : free

Plex organizes your videos, TV, Photos and Music collections, and stream them to all of your screens. With free Plex Media Server on your home and computer and Plex for iOS, you can listen and watch all your personal media on your iOS devices and share it with family and friends.

Smart Resume Pro : Usuall $ 4.99, now : free

Smart Resume Pro helps to build aprofessional resume in minutes. You need to fill in your information, and the app produces a properly formatted PDF resume for you. You can post them online, take print out or email.

iScan Pro : Usually $ 4.99, now : free

iScanPro allows you to scan any documents, like books, notes, checks, schedules, announcements etc., and save them as PDF files. You can back-up them using Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox.

Egg Weather : Usually $ 0.99, now : free

This app has a funny way to tell you weather where a playful character tell you what whether to expect and what to wear! it provides daily and weekly weather summary, and it is displayed based on the location where you are.

Follow me on Instagram : Usually $ 4.99, now : free

You can see the location of Instagram posts using Follow me app. Instead of searching posts with hash tag and username, you can search them using map. You can see all Instagram posts of any area and know where exactly that was posted. : Usually $ 1.99, now : free has a number of natural audios, musical instruments audios and combination of various audios. It helps to sleep and relax. Bright spot is you can DIY the light music.

Zen List : Usually $ 1.99, now : free

It allows you to quickly make list of inventories, tasks, goals etc., and organize them in a proper way that you can understand easily and recall.

Paranormal Agency : Usually $ 2.99, now : free

It’s kind of thriller game where Heather Mills has the ability to see ghosts, and you are there to help him to resolve the mystery.


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