Do you wanna be a DJ? Here’re Android applications for your Smartphone

dj app

About some years ago to be a DJ was just a dream for poor people; as to adopt this profession, also to mix up music was an expensive project as well as they required expensive instruments and discs. In short, this profession was out of reach of mortals. But it’s no more expensive now; you just need to turn on your Android Smartphone and have to install any app (I’m mentioning below) that you can get for free. If you are interested and do not know where to start, you just have to have a look at this list of the best Android apps to become DJ, including Music Maker Jam, edjing, DJ Studio 5, Cross DJ Free and Party Mixer, with interesting functions.


An application for those who carry passion to be a DJ, also they want to make a brutal remix of a Selena Gomez’s song. Use the cross-fade edjing to create professional transitions and adjust the beats between songs. Use the mixer to appear on the screen, it can be customized with different skins, to create cool beats, and then share them on social networks or in the best parties. Finally, show your compositions on; also listen to the mixes created by other users.

DJ Studio 5

Another one of the most important applications on Google Play Store for DJs is DJ Studio 5. You can load the song you want, and can make a music queue to access these songs easily. You have independent modulators to achieve the sound you are looking for, and a large number of sound effects. You can create loops and leave them turned on while you’re clicking new songs and sounds, also has different skins for you to personalize your music.

Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free is also a best app, but what makes it different from others is its interface (its visual appearance) as it moves away to take a realistic look. You can save reproduction lists of fast access and load songs on each plate, from which you can also create shortcuts to play in different parties. You can apply effects just by touching a finger on a pad, or you can also apply fifteen different filters.

Party Mixer

Maybe it’s the least interesting of all the above, but can’t be detracted from this list. We are talking about Party Mixer, an app with which make sound up to two tracks simultaneously, with which you can make cross-fade, move within the track, or change the pitch, tempo or BPM. Handy to whole music get stored on your Android to create your mixes and share them on social media.

Music Maker Jam

There is another way to remix your rhythms and create your own songs, and it’s all you can get via Music Maker Jam. You can get parts of a default music style; the free version includes hip hop, dance, rock and jazz and from there you can move by adding instruments, loops and effects, mixing up to eight different channels.

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