Do you think that Nokia N1 can bring back the company to glory days?


Mostly people think that Nokia Company is not dead, though they never tried this brand phones themselves. However on its way to reinventing itself in the market, the first step is the Nokia N1. It’s announced a couple of months ago that the first sensation about this device was not find anything to write. Anyways we could try it at MWC 2014 and although far from disappointment, the N1 is not going to return the golden days of Finland.

The tablet carried out by its own launcher Nokia, called Z launcher and that anyone can install it from Google Play. Its greatest (and practically only) novelty is that it allows you to draw letters on the screen and automatically shows applications, contacts and all device related content on that letter.

No malfunctions, also it’s not a bad idea, but couldn’t reinvent the wheel (launchers existed for years doing something similar) cover but also we should mention that many good features it does have in the native Android version. Luckily, it is not unique; it can be changed at any time by both the stock launcher like any other of our choice to work on tablets.


Going to discuss that how you feel holding this set in your hand; all that premium air distilled press images, including the spectacular video, comes down with only catch a few moments. It costs $ 250, so there is little reason to expect anything spectacular from that side. On the other hand, appears unavoidable problem that resembles much (perhaps too much) to iPad Mini.

Do you think it has the ability to compete any other best tablet? Can it be a good tablet at a good price? Is it worth to buy? If what you’re looking for a just an 8-inch tablet it can be a good choice, yes. You’ll have to wait to get to Europe and America after its initial landing in China, though. But if anyone thought that Nokia will rise from the ashes due to its N1, we think you should have to continue waiting.

By the way, Is it only me who think its sides look like Nokia 6 Plus or others think the same? LOL! 😀

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