Do you know where and how iPhone is manufactured?

iPhone manufacturing

iPhone used to be the most popular smartphone, and its popularity is still good but the “most” word is lost. Android phones are in demand these days, and there are various factors behind this. Recent survey has proved that users love the mobile with the big display size (5 or more than 5-inch), and iPhone is always more expensive than Android Phones. Samsung has claimed the top position among smartphones companies, because of its smartphones that is available for all budget, from low to the high. This time Apple might come with  a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 that is just a rumor so far.

Well, I won’t talk much about the ranking of mobile industries. Today, I am going to share an infographic (originally published on that will tell your about the iPhone manufacturing and supply chain. The infographic will clarify many things, like where the iPhone parts are made, where the fingerprint sensor and M7 co-processor were made? Let’s have a look at the below infographic.


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