How to deactivate or delete WeChat Account Permanently

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WeChat Account Deletion

Earlier we informed how you can delete Snapchat Account, and now we will tell about WeChat. WeChat is a very Popular Social Messaging application with over 697 million monthly active users (based on Q4 2015 data). However, if you don’t really use it or just installed the application to test how it works, you may want to deactivate the account and uninstall the application. Uninstalling Application isn’t a big deal, but deleting a WeChat Account is complicated compared to another platform.

These are the requirements to delete a WeChat Account

  • You must be using WeChat version 6.3.10 or newer
  • You must not be from China. An account that was setup in China initially cannot be removed. You may try to contact WeChat Team to get solution
  • You must have setup Password for WeChat Account. When you sign up for a WeChat account, all it asks is the Mobile Number and Name. You can change or Setup a new Password for WeChat Account using WeChat App. Once you are in the App Tap Me –> Settings –> My Account –> Password
  • If you have reset, change or set a new Password within 7 days, WeChat Account cannot be deactivated within this period. You can delete after 7 days. It also makes clear that a new account can only be deleted after 7 days.
  • WeChat Pay must not be active in your account if you had setup it earlier
  • While Deleting a WeChat Account if you enter the wrong password three times, you will be disabled for deletion for that specific day. You can do it next day

If you need those criteria you can proceed further, else wait for 7 days

How to Delete or Deactivate a WeChat Account Permanently

  1. Launch WeChat App on your Smartphone
  2. Tap on Me, and Select Settings
  3. Tap Account
  4. Now select Delete Account
  5. Read the given consequence what happen after deletion. If you agree, Accept terms and conditions, and tap Next
  6. Follow the screen’s prompt further, and you will have to enter your WeChat Password to delete the account

Why I am getting error or can’t delete my account

Please check the requirement section above. If you don’t meet those requirements, you will get an error and can’t remove the account.