Convert LG’s Quick Memo (.LQM) file to Text

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Note: If you want us to convert your LQM files, we will do that for you. Contact Us here. The fee is only $5. If you want to do it yourself, just follow the process mentioned below.

If you have ever used LG smartphone, you already know what I am talking about. LG has an Application “Quick Memo” or “Quick Memo+”. This application allows you to save quick notes. When you export these notes it gets exported to .LQM format (Please note it’s not IQM, but LQM). However, if you try to import those files or download any other smartphone or even computer, your mobile or PC cannot read or open it in any app. So those files need to be converted to .txt file to make it readable.

NOTE: If you still have LG phone, the Quick Memo has the option to export in a different format (e.g. PDF). You can still export. If you have already switched your smartphone, let’s keep reading.

How to convert .LQM file to .TXT readable format so you can read on any Smartphone or Computer

Watch this quick video to see the process in action. Please follow our YouTube Channel encourage us upload more videos.

  • Visit the Github URL and download the LQMConvert.Jar file.
  • Make sure you have the Java Runtime application installed on your system (whether it’s Mac or Windows, you will need this). If you are installing Java Runtime now, restart your computer.
  • Now put all your .LQM files and the LQMConvert.Jar file in the same folder.
  • Double click on the LQMConverter.Jar file and it will convert all your .LQM files to .TXT files in the same folder.