Convert 4K Videos at the Fastest Speed with MacX Video Converter Pro

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These days you can find many TVs, Laptops, and even iPads that support 4K videos. The cameras are now also able to capture 4K videos. Such videos come with the great clarity and detail that anyone would love to watch. If you haven’t watched any 4K Videos so far, you can find many on YouTube, but make sure you have a device that supports 4K, else YouTube shows only those resolutions that your gadget supports. There are still some drawbacks that prevent users from storing 4K videos that we will talk about.

Why 4K videos are not very useful

However, in spite of being the awesome quality 4K videos could be very painful when you want to share it or upload online. 4K Videos are heavy in size. Whether you have a SmartTV, Computer, or Smartphone, you will certainly not like to store them. A minute of 4K video can weigh between 350MB to 900MB depending on the frame rate and other aspects. So if you want to stone an hour of video that will take almost all the space of your smartphone. Another problem is the sharing or uploading. Sharing a 4K video surely doesn’t make any sense on social media and uploading on YouTube will consume lots of data as well as time. Whether we talk about the latest high-end Smartphones or Tablets, most of them don’t support 4K Video and that will force you to compress the video size and resolution.

What to do with the 4K Videos I recorded with My Camera or Smartphone

You may have recorded many 4K Videos if you own a camera or smartphone that supports it. If this is the case, you may want to compress the video to reduce the file size and resolution. There are many ways to achieve this task, but compressing 4K videos are usually very time consuming if you don’t use an app that supports hardware acceleration. So we will tell you the one we have tested and found it to be very useful.

MacX Video Converter Pro: The Fastest Video Compressor and Converter With Hardware acceleration

MacX Video Converter Pro allows you converting 4K Videos 5 times faster compared to the traditional video converter app and that is possible with its unique hardware acceleration feature. There are many options to convert in the desired format and resolution. There are also a list of devices that you can select to convert to supportable format if you don’t know what your device supports. If you want to test the software, you can download MacX Video Converter Pro now and test it for free. If you like it, go ahead and upgrade.


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Some more features of MacX Video Converter Pro

Along with converting or compressing the videos, MacX Video Converter can do much more;

  • MacX Video Converter Pro Allows downloading online videos from YouTube, FaceBook etc.. You can click on the YouTube Option within the app and put the URL or video and download them
  • The app can be used as a Camera on your computer to record your own video
  • You can also use the app to record the screen of your computer that could be very useful if you want to create a tutorial video