Content Marketing Strategy: Why Video is Important?

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Video Marketing

YouTube is the most popular example to learn the importance of Video to promote your content. Whether you run a website or even a blog, YouTube can help you promote your content or products. People these days love watching videos rather than reading long content. Most of the people visit YouTube first to find a solution to their problems, and then they try a web search. Now you can also find a bunch of videos on FaceBook with ads and information.

Visual marketing amplified

One of the best ways for businesses of all sizes to engage with a wider audience is to publish great content. Videos can convey your company message and creativity while displaying a level of professionalism through high-quality production value. Meeting rising viewer expectations and better user experience with a crisp, current video can enhance your brand reputation in a single click.

The rise of visual marketing has been driven by an abundance of staggering statistics that reveal how online users respond to social posts and campaigns. Tweets with images for example receive 150% more retweets and images are now recognized as one of the simplest ways to optimize a content marketing strategy. Video marketing has emerged as a natural progression of visual marketing that can delve deeper into the habits of the audience: at which point did viewers tune out, how many hits the video gained, and if a call to action was used.

Video marketers are now exploring undiscovered territories with aerial filming and connecting to an audience through personality and emotion. Video marketing is the next step in the visual marketing arena that we can all take advantage of with our range of sophisticated devices.

Becoming a trendsetter

More than 500 minutes of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. Standing out from the crowd requires some research on what people are searching for online, but adding a unique twist is the best way to become recognized in a popular industry. Collaborating with a video production company can help you to create the wow factor while retaining your core aims and values. By delegating the nitty-gritty, more stressful aspects of video production, you can relax, have fun, and focus on your role in the project.

Taking a personable approach

As the writer, Samuel Johnson once said: “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” Whether you are filming a training video or appearing in a company blog, a confident delivery can reassure your audience and draw them into what you have to say. Sites like YouTube and TikTok demonstrate how a great spokesperson can lead a business to successful heights by appearing in a string of successful videos.

The spread of content online ranges from the sparkly pop videos to business insights. Even the stalest of subjects can be shaped into an engaging video with a bit of personality and prep. Research has found that customers are more likely to buy a product once they have viewed a video about it, so the right approach can be built customer trust and increase your eCommerce revenue.

What to include in your strategy

So, we have touched on the influence of video; now it’s time to talk about the trends that you should be focusing on to shape your marketing strategy.

One of the biggest insights to learn from is how video lengths have been squeezed. According to Social Media Strategist, 59% of viewers are more likely to watch a full-length video that is less than one minute long. Video apps like TikTok have developed the popularity of the shorter video so that video marketers must now streamline content into tangible but quick bites to meet accelerated viewing behavior.

Alongside this rising trend of the short video, other time parameters are being explored, such as the use of slow-motion and time-lapse that can be executed from the latest handheld device. Tinkering with time has been a long-standing tradition in the film to create atmosphere and intrigue; now these techniques are accessible to a mass marketplace to pave the way for dynamic campaigns and creative thinking.

A rising number of millennials workers are also influencing the nature of business training, from reams of paperwork to video-based resources that are low cost, flexible, and quick to produce. This transition is now helping businesses in all sectors to improve productivity levels, as visual aids are learned more efficiently than text copy alone.

Last but not least is the ability to measure your video efforts through a set of metrics that are now seen as standard. As video has moved from the small screen to our own personal laptop and mobile screens, viewing habits have been unearthed for marketers to use as part of a wider strategy. Behaviors such as a call to action hits, video hits, and the point at which viewers tuned out are all valuable measurements that a video marketer can benefit from.

Video is a natural progression in the content marketing timeline. A greater focus on visual aids, as opposed to text-based resources, will yield higher levels of engagement and productivity amongst tech-savvy millennials in the workplace and at home. The latest video production trends reveal that anyone can start to experiment with video and explore new ways to convey online information for niche markets and the mainstream. Lights, camera, action!