Combine WiFi and Cellular Data on iPhone and Android

Combine WiFi and Cellular together

Image : Speedify

Some Samsung Models come with the feature that allows to combine WiFi and cellular data to speed up internet. However, this is not a feature that you can find on iPhone, iPad or many other Android Smartphone. Speedify has a solution for this.

Speedify comes with 1GB free usage limit to try how it works. If you like the app, you can get unlimited access for $4.99 each month or $29.99 each year. The price is applicable for both, Android and iPhone.

When you launch Speedify first time, you will have to sign up for an account. After logging in, it will ask your permission to install VPN profile. Once Installed, you can start using.

When you click on Cellular option, you get the option to set usage limit, and set priority. Normal option combines WiFi and Cellular to make internet faster. Backup option will use Cellular Data only when WiFi is not available, and Never option will never switch to Cellular data.

The Good

  • Speedify Switches from WiFi to Cellular automatically when Wireless connection is poor
  • Speedify can use WiFi and Cellular at the same time to boost the internet speed
  • It allows to set data usage limit, so you won’t get charged for over usage
  • You will not need any other VPN app when you use Speedify. It can unblock blocked sites for you

The Bad

  • No option to enable manually when you really need to download something quickly. My WiFi Usually downloads any file at 1MB/s, and Cellular data is even little faster. So I should be able to download any file at 2MB/s or at least 1.6MB/s, this is not the case
  • Whatever you do when you are connected to a VPN, the internet speed will be slower than usual. So it should have worked without VPN connectivity

Well, You can still try as it’s free to use 1GB. You can upgrade if you like, or skip it.

Android Users : Download Here

iOS Users : Download Here

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