How to close all Safari and Google Chrome Tabs on iPhone


While browsing the internet we keep opening new browser tabs to browse many different websites. Sometimes too many tabs in a browser can confuse you which one you really need, and which one is not needed. You can choose to close each tab one by one or close all tabs in one go. Whether you are using Safari or Google Chrome, you can close all the tabs at once. So let’s learn how it can be done.

How to close All Safari Tabs at Once on iPhone?

  • Launch Safari Browser if it isn’t already opened.
  • Tap on the Tab icon and hold until you get any option.
  • Hit the Close Tabs option. It will appear as “Close “number of tabs” Tabs.” Please note that all the tabs will be closed together without any warning.


How to Close All Google Chrome Tabs on iPhone?

  • Launch Google Chrome Browser on your Device.
  • Tap on Tab icon, it already shows the number of opened tabs.
  • Hit the options icon. Located on the top right corner (3 dots symbol).
  • Now tap on Close All Tabs option.


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