Use AnyTrans to Clone, Merge or Transfer iPhone Data

As we already know, data transfer in iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch doesn’t work the way it does on Android and other mobile devices. Android users can connect their smartphone to Mac or PC and transfer any file between Mobile and Computer without any restriction. However, an iPhone user has to rely on iTunes. If you are the owner of many iOS devices, or you also allow your family members or friends to connect their iOS devices to your computer, you will not want those devices to sync with your iTunes. You can do it without syncing, but that will consume so much of your time. So how can you put music, videos, photos or any other files in those devices without so much trouble? In such case, you will have to use a reliable third party software that can put files easily between iOS devices and computer. This is where Anytrans can help you. Along with data transfer, it can also help merging data of 2 devices and making clone. Here is everything you should know about Anytrans application.

How Anytrans can help you manage data on your Multiple iOS devices


Clone iOS Device

This feature is very useful if you are switching from one iPhone or another or upgrading to a new model. You can use Anytrans app to clone your device. All you have to do is, launch Anytrans app on your computer  –> Connect both the devices –> Click on “Clone Device” option –> Select the target device (new phone) –> proceed further and select the type of data you want to clone, and proceed. It will bring all data from your old iPhone to the new one. It even transfers Safari Bookmark and Call history, but make sure the data on your new device will be overwritten.

Merge Data Between iOS Devices

Anytrans can merge data between iOS devices without erasing your existing data. It transfers all the data from one phone to another and automatically skips those content already available in the target device, so you will not see duplicate content. To merge content, you can connect 2 iOS devices to a computer, launch Anytrans software, and click on Merge Device option. It will then let you select the type of data you want to merge, and then you can proceed further to initiate data merge.

Transfer Data


Anytrans allows transferring data from Computer to iOS device or iOS device to Computer. You get full control what you want to transfer, and what you want to skip. You are allowed to transfer Music, Playlists, Videos, Photos, Voice Memo, Contacts, Notes etc.. Adding content to iPhone is the easiest thing to do; Connect your iPhone to the computer, launch Anytrans app, click on Add content option, and select the files from your computer. Anytrans knows where to put files. For example, if you select a .MOV or .MP4 files, Anytrans will automatically put them to Movies app. If you are using Anytrans, you don’t need to rely on iTuens to transfer files between iOS devices or Between iOS device and computer. If a file is not compatible with your iPhone, it won’t let you select.

Install app using .ipa file or remove an existing app


The Apps section of Anytrans allows removing any existing app simply by selecting the app and clicking on delete icon.  You can also click on the sign, and add an ipa file to install on your Device.

Download Anytrans Now : Available for Mac and Windows

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