How to Check UAE Visa Validity Online (Work Permit/Residency Visa and Entry Permit/Visit Visa)

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Visa to visit UAE can be availed quickly, but you should also know how to check visa status online to avoid fraud. There are many types of visa, but Visit Visa and Work Permit are the most popular visa type. Work Permit is also known as Residency Visa that usually lasts for 2 years, and then you will have to renew it. Visit Visa is also known as Entry Permit, but when you get a Residency or Work Visa, it also works as entry permit to enter UAE. Visas are issued in the pink colored paper that you can also get via email or a Photo. You can get the print out of that Visa, and travel with your Passport and other required documents. If you have got a Work Permit or Residency Visa, you need to complete other documentations, e.g. Medical Test, Make Emirates ID and Get the Work Visa Pasted on your Passport.

In this article, I will talk about checking visa validity. If you have other questions, you can comment below.

Note : Validity of UAE Visas start from the date you reach UAE, but do understand that if you don’t enter UAE within 60 days of the visa issuance, the visa will expire. The expiry date what you see on the visa is actually this 60 days (not the days to stay in UAE).

There are 7 emirates in UAE. A UAE Visa allows you to visit any emirates. These are the name of the emirates;

  1. Dubai
  2. Abu Dhabi
  3. Sharjah
  4. Ajman
  5. Fujairah
  6. Ras al-Khaimah
  7. Umm Al Quwain

How to check UAE Visit Visa or Entry Permit Validity

Note : It works for all type of Visit Visas, and even Work Permit/Residency visa for new employees (only if your visa is still not pasted on passport).

  • Make sure you have got a UAE Visa.
  • Visit UAE’s Official Residency and Foreign Affairs Website.
  • The page will be in Arabic, but I have put the screenshot of translated version, and options on the web page will be in the same sequence.
  • The first option is to select the visa type. Select Entry Permit Validity from the drop-down list (the second option).


  • Fill rest of the details and submit the form. You need to know these details: Entry Permit Number, Your First Name, Gender, Date or Birth and Nationality. All the details are available in Entry Permit you have received. Enter the Captcha Code, and Click on Submit button. The validity will be shown on the same page. See the image below to find out how you can locate all the details.


How to check validity of a UAE Work Permit or Residency Visa (Works for all emirates visa, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

  • Visit this page to check visa validity. The page will be in Arabic, see the Screenshot of translated version, and fill accordingly.
  • The first option is about Visa Type, and you need to select Residency Validity (the third option from the drop-down list).


  • The second option is about the File Number. Check the visa that has been pasted on your Passport. That will have the File number.


  • Now fill rest of the detail, and submit. Visa validity will be shown on the same page.