How to Change or Fake Your Geolocation on iPhone

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Have you ever tried to fake your location on your iPhone? It is partially possible with some VPN apps, but it comes with very limited features. Today, we are going to talk about how to change your Geolocation to anywhere to unlock even those features that a VPN app cannot do.

Meet iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer Application

iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer application is available for Windows and Mac. You just have to install the app and connect your iPhone to the computer to make things. Here are some cool features what you can achieve with this app:

  • Change your Geolocation to any place or country you want.
  • Share your fake location on Social Media. Let’s suppose you want to show your friends you are at a certain location/restaurant in Canada, but you are in India. You can easily do that with this app.
  • Unlock contents that are blocked in your country.
  • Create Customize Route and simulate GPS Movement. This is something very useful if you play AR games or use such apps that require you to move or go out of your home. You can sit at home and create customized routes and the app will think you are outside of the home and moving. You can also define the moving speed. It can also be paused and resumed if needed.
  • Setting an exact coordinate is also possible using this app. If you are aware of the coordinate of the location, you can put to get the exact location.

How to Change Your Geolocation on iPhone with iMyFone AnyTo app

  • Download and install iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer app on your computer. It is available for Windows and Mac.
  • Launch the application and connect your iPhone to the computer via supplied USB Cable.
  • Your iPhone may get a prompt on the screen whether you want to trust the device or not, select Trust.
  • Wait for the map to load on Computer. Once loaded select any location there and it will also select the same location on your iPhone too.

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