How to change 6-digit passcode to 4-digit or Alphanumeric on iPhone

iOS 9 allows to set 6 Digits Passcode as well as Alphanumeric, but you can still switch back to 4 Digits Passcode on iOS 9. By default iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ask to set 6-Digits Passcode on your Device, and we will tell you how to get more options to set Passcode.

How to change Passcode on iOS 9 from 6 Digits to 4 Digits or Alphanumeric

Go to iPhones Settings

Setting app on iOS

Tap Touch ID and Passcode, and Enter Existing Passcode

Touch ID and Passcode Option iPhone

Tap Change Passcode, Enter Existing Passcode

Changing iPhone Passcode

Tap on Passcode Options, and Select 4-Digit Numeric Code or Custom Alphanumeric Code or Custom Numeric Code, Enter the Passcode, and Enter again to verify. You are done!

Changing Passcode options


  • Customer Alphanumeric Code allows to use Numbers, Letters and Special Characters. You can set even 1-Digit Passcode, but it’s better to use Stronger Passcode
  • Custom Numeric Code : Minimum one number is required to set the passcode, and you can use even 50 digits or more
  • 4-Digit Numeric Code is already known by users. It allows to use 4-Digits Numeric Code as Passcode
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