Can we trust free Plagiarism checker?

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Plagiarism checker service is very important for any blogger in the world, not even bloggers but there are people from other fields as well who check the uniqueness of the content on the web. If you don’t really need the service regularly, you are most likely to find a free plagiarism checker service or tool, and check the uniqueness of your content. We all make the same mistakes, and I won’t say that all of them are not good, but yes, most of them don’t work well. Today, I am going to show you two proofs, and will also tell you the best way to check the uniqueness of your content/article., I hope that you must have heard this name. Type the keyword in Google “Plagiarism Checker” or “Article Uniqueness Checker” and you will find this site on the first page. Can you trust them? I tried to check one content, and it found the article 100% unique. Well, it was not the case and it was 0% unique. I will show you the screenshot below.

Another one is There is same issue with this site as well, and found all my content unique.

Here are the screenshots:

Screenshot for with 100% uniqueness




Screenshot for





Now, please check the screenshot of Google Search Result that have found 4 results with the exact content

Google search result for article uniquness


Well, I am not sure about their websites’ coding, but it’s really funny. If you cannot show the correct result, don’t show the wrong please, and this is what anyone would want. I have checked just 2 websites at the moment, but there could be many like this. Using the free service can save you money, but can destroy your work or profession. Choice is yours!

The best way to check the article uniqueness or the best Plagiarism Checker

If you want to go for any paid service, that could be okay, but finding the best result is still free. So please follow these process to check the article uniqueness:

You need to use Google, and there is only one problem that you can not check the whole content in one go. So please check a couple of line each time.

Copy a couple of line (the best way is to select maximum 32 words).

separate the content with double quotation mark. For ex: “your content goes here”

Click search button or press Enter

If google gives you the error that Your search did not match any documents, then your content is original. If it finds the result with the search term, then it is copied. Make sure you put the right content. Google checks the whole content separated by Quotes, not the each line or word.



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