Can HTC One M9 capture the market of the world?

The best things I observed are its Design, Front camera, Output, Sound and the worse qualities are Overheating, Some camera modes and Price.


Android 5.0.2 operating system 

Size 5 inches

 Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 

20.7 Cameras / 4 mpx 

Capacity 2840 mAh 

Internal Memory 32 GB

HTC has renewed its flagship family with a new model, the HTC One M9.

Design continuity

HTC has not wanted to take a risk and although some will be accused of conservative think the Chinese firm has been successful.

The new HTC One M9 maintains the same sleek design of previous models of the One range.

The new mobile signature is made of a single piece of aluminum, thus maintaining the uni-body design of its family and also offering the unique slightly curved back surface, but, this time aluminum is shown in two colors, one for most of the device (silver) body and one for the edge (more golden).

The weight and dimensions do not suffer excessive variations. So the weight is lowered in just three grams, which is, 157 grams.

The body and feel of the device, a kind of polished aluminum, not just prove manageable and comfortable and sometimes it’d have given me the feeling that I was going to slip out of my hands.

As I said before, the dimensions have not changed either. The One M9 provides 144.6 mm high and 69, 7 wide and 9.61 thick. Dimensions not excessive, but not so small for a phone that offers a 5-inch screen as frames and bezels are bigger than others we are accustomed.

If we look at the keypad, HTC has placed on the right edge the volume buttons (+, -) and power / lock, giving the three points of same size and although the latter has a slightly rugged touch, can lead to equivocal.

With them we find the microSD slot which in this case extends the capability of the device to 128 GB. At the same height but on the left side we find the Nanosim card slot.

At a front view of the device we find the two front speakers and at the bottom of the device the headphone jack, 3.5mm mini jack and the microUSB connector.



Although the trend in recent months is to QHD screens in the flagship of the big brands, HTC has decided to continue its commitment to a screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The truth is that we welcome this decision, not because we do not like the QHD screen obviously we do for the best components and features, but provided that these do not adversely impact other aspects. And I say this because not surprisingly, a screen of 2.560 x 1460 needs more battery power than a 1080 x 720p.

So, the screen of the HTC One M9 is with defined colors and good viewing angles, although it is true that perhaps we could demand a little more brightness on the screen.

As mentioned above mobile offers 5-inch IPS display with a density of 441ppp with a few frames too steep and large.

The kit comes complete with a Corning Gorilla Glass protection 4 to protect the best Smartphone screen.

htc one screen


The new HTC One M9 comes with Android 5.0.2 combined with the now famous layer of customization, HTC Sense 7.

Zoe is another HTC application, here we can combine photos and videos for imaging from several view points, also can add different filters, themes and soundtracks for our creations.

In addition it also comes with a car mode with which it is much easier to interact with Smartphone. It has a display with larger icons and functions using voice commands. You can listen to music; use the browser to access calls and contacts, etc. You can also add to the home the apps you want so that they are more accessible when you’re driving.


In the same way that the design was one of the strengths of previous models, the sound quality is also good.

Due to the double front speakers, HTC now combined with Dolby Surround Sound 3 Simulation 5.1, this Smartphone offers a sound quality far above average, maybe not the most powerful speakers, but with better sound.


Obviously we are talking about an 8-core SoC four of which move at 2.0 Ghz and other at1.5 Ghz.

The HCT One M9 also has 3GB of RAM, has a GPU Adreno 430 and 64-bit architecture.

As you can imagine we have not taken any problems when managing any application, several tasks simultaneously, photo or video editing, etc.

Not the fastest and most powerful mobile in the market, but is at the top, just show how different benchmark that we have passed.

Finally mention that the HTC One M9 has 32GB of storage space, but if you need more can extend this through the slot for MicroSD cards up to 128GB.

material in htc one m9

The battery

The HTC One M9 increases the size of the battery over its predecessors, but not the hour.

With its 2,840 mAh battery this Smartphone lasted for a day.

If you control a little consultation of social networks and are able to adjust certain settings limiting, for example, automatic synchronization, brightness and so on, you can spend a day and a half more without any problems.


In this section, HTC has decided this time not to do more experiments and put aside, specifically the technology of front Ultrapíxel, a technology that offers larger to capture more light but with limited resolution pixels.

So, we noticed some contrast problems, difficulties to capture the detail in the dark areas in a scene with much contrast.

In general we can say that the main camera of HTC One M9 works quite well in environments and situations where ambient light is sufficient, but shows some weaknesses, grain and noise when it is dim or when there is a lot of contrast within the same scene.The camera has no RAW function but offers video recording in 4K and slow motion.

This front camera offers a 4-megapixel sensor with maximum aperture f / 2.0, and an angle of 26.8 millimeters. Due to the Ultrapixel technology is able to capture 300% more light than standard cameras and you can also record videos in Full HD (1080p) and in slow motion (@ 30fps) and take pictures in HDR.


If we talk about connectivity to the new HTC One M9 doesn’t lack anything, it is a Smartphone with the latest and most advanced technology in this area. WiFi ac (2.4 and 5 GHz) and 4G speed limit.

On the front HTC has placed the infrared to s use your mobile as a remote control for various electronic devices.

It also comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC and also features GPS GLONASS, a 3.5mm jack port we can connect our favorite headphones or use an external speaker, and a microUSB port.

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