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When we face any issue, we book an appointment and visit Apple Service Center, but there are many issues that can be fixed over phone without visiting their Service Center. Along with the issues, we call Apple Helpline to get some information as well. There may be times when you need an information instantly, but you can’t call Apple Customer Service Number anytime, because they don’t work 24 x 7. Well, you can still call, and we will tell you how.

All Apple products come with international warranty except iPhones. So you can contact Apple anywhere in the world regarding any issue of your product. They won’t deny helping regardless any country you are calling from. You already know that you can contact international number to get help, but you may be afraid of the calling charges. So here is the way to make free calls.

You will not be charged even a single penny to call, but you need to have Skype installed on your computer or Smartphone. You may be charged for cellular data if you are not using WiFi.

Skype offers free calls to any US, Canada, UK, France, Poland and Taiwanese Toll Free Numbers without any subscription.

Apple Customer Service Toll Free Helpline Numbers with country code that you can dial from Skype for free

United States : +1-800-275-2273

Canada : +1-800-263-3394

France : +33-080-5540-003

Poland : +48-800-4411875

Taiwan : +886-800-095-988

So if you live in India, UAE, or in any country and want to contact Apple during non-business hours, check the current time of the above mentioned country, and use Skype to make call. It could actually be non-business hours for your country, but not for all.

I stay in UAE, and I have recently contacted US customer care related to warranty issue. It was not appearing online, and they resolved it for me. They did ask my call back number, and I said that I am calling from Dubai. So an international user are not refused by them.

If you don’t mind spending money, you can call any country. Visit Apple Website to get the Apple Customer Service Number for all countries.

Along with Apple you can contact any other toll free numbers from Skype that belong to those countries.

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