Broadcast your video live with Sony Xperia Z2

The company Sony has just released a new application focused on the camera of its latest flagship. It is a unique tool for Sony Xperia Z2 users who want to broadcast live and direct any content through the Video service YouTube. A good option to reach a number of users and record a special moment without any wait and can also edit the video to post later.

The name of this application is Live on YouTube, a tool that comes as an evolution of the application Sociallife that Sony already owned. It is not the only possible way to broadcast a video, but now there are lots of ways to do it on the internet. Live on YouTube come with interesting options to broadcast for only the contacts that the user prefers, and can choose the quality of the content that is being relayed without any knowledge of editing, just by pressing the record button.

The operation and management of Live on YouTube is very simple, but has some prerequisites. One of them is to have a verified Google user account that you use to watch YouTube videos. It also has to be in good condition. This implies not to have flags or warnings for violating policies copyrights. Furthermore, the application has a limit to broadcast a video for up to fifteen minutes. This is more than enough to show some important detail of any live moment.

Thus, the user only has to start Live on YouTube and press the record button to start live broadcast any time. However, in addition to its simplicity, it is important to let your friends or followers know at lease an hour ago about the broadcast, so that they have the information and watch it, else you might be broadcasting and no one would get a chance to see. If you prefer, you can also share a link easily with any contact to let them know the time and the channel to see the live broadcast.

Alongside this, the user of Live on YouTube also has the power to choose the quality of the broadcast. Thus, if your Internet connection allows it, you can choose a crisp image details with higher resolution for people across the screen to enjoy. In addition, there are specific controls privacy, that is a good option to limit the group of people who can see your live video or can do public and open to all.

This app is free to download from Google Play Store, and it’s not a large file (around 2.5MB). Just look for the app “Live on YouTube.” So, go ahead and get the most from your Sony Xperia Z2 camera.

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