Boost the downloading speed with Samsung Galaxy S5 Download Booster

smasung galaxy s5 download booster feature

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been launched Globally on 11th April, and Galaxy S5 has many great features. One of them is Download Booster, and this feature can help you increase the downloading speed. Download Booster gives you the option to combine mobile data (LTE) and WiFi together and then the speed will rock.

If you have already bought Smasung Galaxy S5, you can trun it on anytime you want. You need to swipe down from the top of the phone to see the notification bar, and then you need to turn on WiFi as well as Mobile Network. In the notification bar, you can look for the option Download Booster. You might get the notification that you might be charged by the operator for mobile data, and you need to confirm to proceed. Once activated, you are good to go and download the data with amazing speed.

Galaxy S5 downlaod booster

Now, there are some unlucky users as well who will not get this option if they have bought the device under contract. The major carriers in the USA have removed/disabled the option. If you are one of the users of AT&T Sprint and Verizon, then forget about the download booster option, because you are not going to find it in notification bar as well as in the settings. No reason has been given behind this, but it’s really annoying when you buy a mobile and your operator removes a great feature without telling you a reason, though no complaint has been reported by any users regarding this feature.

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