BOOM : Probably the Best Music Player for iPhone and iPad

There are so many music player applications in the App store that you can download for your iOS devices. However, finding the perfect one even after paying for the app is really difficult. You must have heard of an sound enhancer application “BOOM 2” for Mac. You won’t even find an alternative to BOOM 2 for your Mac. It works as a universal equalizer that works with all the apps (even with internet browsers).

The maker of BOOM 2 “Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd” has now brought BOOM Music Player application for iOS. Earlier they had only BOOM 2 remote control app for iOS that can be used as remote controller to control Music Play on Mac.

BOOM Music Player for Mac

Here are some quick features of BOOM Music Player for iOS

  • Its 3D Surround Sound feature transforms any headphone for immersive sound delivery
  • It comes with 21 handcrafted Equalizer presets, and you can also make your own custom equalizer
  • Audio Intensity Effect allows to Control exactly how you want your song to sound
  • It brings all the songs from your device to BOOM Music Player app automatically
  • It also allows to build custom playlist with easy swipe gesture
  • Queue up songs to play next
  • You can set Shake Gesture to play next song, or to pause and play song
  • BOOM Music Player allows to set Sleep Timer to stop music play automatically after a certain time
  • You can select the headphone type to get the best experience with your existing headphone

BOOM Settings

BOOM Music Player doesn’t work exactly it does on Mac. BOOM 2 for Mac enhances the overall sound quality regardless of what app you are using. However, BOOM app for iPhone and iPad is just a music player, and all the feature works within the app. So when you are playing music on YouTube or any other app, BOOM can’t do anything.


BOOM Music Player for iOS is probably the best music player app you can find for iPhone and iPad. Any music player on iPhone can’t give you that many sound quality customization option. With the help of BOOM, you can really make your device sound better than before. It comes with 5 days free trial, and there is no need to pay if you don’t like it.

Pricing and Download Link

You can Download the app from App Store

Currently BOOM Music Player for iOS offers various in-app purchases;

According to the App page, they are offering 40% Off on In-App for a limited time. So the price may change later.

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