Can Sound Booster App (e.g. Boom 3D) Damage Mac’s Sound

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Boom 3D

While trying to find a way to boost my Mac’s sound, I came across Boom 2 app that seemed like a great solution. A week of the free trial gave me the taste I wanted, and I was very happy with the bass and sound quality. So I decided to purchase the license and later also upgraded to Boom 3D. It seemed worth until I started having trouble with sound quality.

Yes, my Mac’s sound started getting worse that I ignored at the start, but it eventually killed the bass of internal speakers. Now any music with even a little bass hurts ear and sound is not clear. If I disable the bass completely using the equalizer in Boom 3D app, the sound gets clear, but still 320 Kbps audio sounds like 16 Kbps audio. The issue is just with the internal speaker, though. External Speakers and headphones work just fine.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

I googled to discover if there are other people with the same issue or I am the only one. Hell! No! I found many users with the same issues. You can read the post on StackExchange and Reddit. Many people reported that their Macbook’s speaker got damaged because of Boom 2 and they also recommended not using any sound booster app.

What actually a Sound Booster apps like Boom 2 Does that damage Internal Speakers?

MacObserver Published an article in 2011 that discussed what Boom does. It’s an old article, but it does describe how Boom pushes the Mac over its limit to enhance the sound. All the Macs have been configured by Apple to keep the balance of the system. When an App like Boom tries to push it over the limit, it causes issues. This is the reason of the destruction.

How to Enjoy Enhanced Sound While Keeping the Internal Speaker Safe?

Boom is a great app and you will love the sound quality it can provide. The only way to keep enjoying your favorite music and movies at great quality sound is to use the Headphone or External Speaker. So you can keep using the Sound Booster app like Boom, but you must turn it off while not using headphones. When Boom is enabled, connect external speaker or headphone, or keep it turned off. Boom does have the turn on and off button that you can toggle when needed. If this confuses you or you are forgetful of things, it’s better not to use any sound booster app if you care about the internal speaker.