How to Block or Unblock a Contact on IMO (Android and iPhone)

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IMO is a popular free video call and chat application that is used by millions of users. The block option within the app allows users block a contact. However, the recent update has made it little confusing and you may not find the block button easily. I have seen people asking on forums if IMO has removed the block option from its app. Well, it’s not like that. Block option is still there, but it takes just a little effort to make it appear. We will learn how you can do this.

Note: The Screenshots in the article are of iPhone, but you need to follow the same steps on Android As well. Going to the Contacts or Settings of IMO should not be a problem. If you still face any issue, you can comment and we are here to help.

How to Block a Contact on IMO App Whether you have an Android or iPhone

  • Launch IMO application on your Android or iPhone
  • Tap on the Contact that you want to block. If it is not in the Chat history list, tap on Contacts tab, and then select the contact you want to block

imo history

  • When you are on the Chat history, click on the contact’s image (profile image)

history of a chat

  • Tap on the Delete option and confirm Contact Deletion. The deletion will not affect the smartphone’s contacts. The deletion is mandatory to block a contact

delete contact

  • After you delete the contact, you will get Block option
  • Now enable the Block slider button to block the contact

block a contact

How to Unblock a Blocked Contact on IMO or see the list of All Blocked Contacts

There is no need to worry if you have blocked the contact by mistake. You can unblock the contact anytime you want and also see the list of all blocked contacts. Follow these steps;

  • Launch IMO Application and Click on the Options icon located on the top left corner (Android Users have it on the bottom left corner)

IMO Options

  • Now click on the Settings icon

IMO Settings

  • Then tap on the Blocked Contacts option

blocked contacts option

  • Now hit the Unblock option for the contact you want to unblock, and confirm it when you see the prompt

unblock contact now

Wasn’t it easy? If you still want to see a demo, I have made a video showing IMO Contact blocking and unblocking in action.