How to block someone from FaceBook Fan page, or check blocked users

If you are running a page on FaceBook with multiple admins or moderator, there might be times when you want to check the list of blocked users, or just block someone who is creating trouble for your page by adding nonsense comments.

How to block someone from your FaceBook Business Page or Fan Page

  • Visit FaceBook.Com, and login with your ID and Password
  • Now go to your FaceBook Fan Page or Business Page
  • Click Settings

FaceBook Fan Page

  • Select People and other pages from the Sidebar

People and other pages

  • Now you will be able to see all the FaceBook users who liked your page
  • Select one or multiple users you want to block
  • Click the Settings icon (gear icon), and Select Ban from Page
  • If you want them to remove from Page Like, you can simply click remove from page likes

Block users from facebook page

How to check those FaceBook users that you have already blocked, and Unblocked them

  • When you are on the page where you can see all the users who liked your FaceBook Page, click on “People who liked this page” option (Check the screenshot above)
  • Select Banned People and pages
  • Now you can see all the blocked user
  • If you want to unban or unblock banned users, just select one or multiple users at the same time. Click Settings (gear icon) and hit “Unban from Page”

Unban Users