How to Block FaceBook Tracking for third party websites

There are many third party websites who usage FaceBook Tracking. It allows other users to login with their FaceBook account, but FaceBook also get the chance to track your activity, and that’s what help them to serve interest based ads. If you are not among those users who login with FaceBook account to third party websites, you may want to block FaceBook tracking, and here is how you can do that.

  • Add Disconnect for FaceBook extension to your Google Chrome Browser
  • Now you will see a red color sign on the top left corner within browser. You can click on it to disable or enable. When the color is red, it is enabled, and when it is gray, it is disabled

FaceBook Disconnect

  • There is no option to add exception for any website. Whenever it blocks FaceBook tracking, it will show the number of blocking instances

FaceBook Tracking Blocked instances

  • It disconnects all the third party websites completely from FaceBook Tracking. So when you wish to login with FaceBook account on any third part websites, you will have to disable it