BlackBerry entered in Smartphone market with the launch of its Mobile Passport

Passport is the new unconventional company expectation to return to the struggle of the phones; 4.5 inch screen and a physical keyboard are some of the notable characteristics. BlackBerry tries to return to the fight in the Smartphone market with the launch of its Mobile Passport.

The Smartphone is an unconventional model, which can be compared to that large format technology like Apple or Samsung, but it is not deserve their business profile and agreeable thing.

BlackBerry recently accomplished a reformation of three years and now its CEO, John Chen, who show that the new devices and services of the company are able to generate sustainable income and return to profitability.

These are the outstanding features of the new commitment of the Canadian.


The Passport has a display of 4.5 inches in a square format. An advantage because it allows a more complete view when surfing on the Internet compared with other image secure screen Smartphone.

Though, this improvement cannot be fully employed because the videos on the screen are appeared in a kind of cinema format with two black bars top and bottom. The resolution of the LCD screen is 1440 X 1440 pixels and a density of 452 PPI.

bb passport


The size of 5 inches tall and 3.5 wide, similar to the size of a passport, this is what allows the Smartphone to have a broader picture on its screen. But some critics argue precisely because this size is uncomfortable to keep it in bags, pants or other pockets.


BlackBerry does not change its iconic physical keyboard, but now has a more elongated presentation by the dimensions of the new gadget. The keyboard can also deal to scroll through pages or move the cursor while typing, as well as being predictive.

According to the Canadian company, the keyboard can be four times faster when compared to writing a virtual keyboard as well as to keep a fuller picture on the screen, it does not remove space. The factor, which some scholars emphasize, is that you cannot type with one hand while using Blackberry passport.

Voice assistant

Passport has its own version of Siri, BlackBerry Assistant. The software allows you to create reminders, check event dates, schedule appointments or make specific inquiries on Amazon.

Amazon Appstore

With BlackBerryPassport you can officially enter the online Amazon store. This alliance allows computer users to download the new OS applications. Netflix, HBO Go, Flixster, CandyCrush, Age of Extinction are some examples of apps that are available, there’re also some Snapchat like Instagram.


The rear camera is 13 MP Passport while the front is 2 MP, with an aperture of f / 1.8. The negative point I see is that some specialized sites open the camera and take photos and videos, sometimes don’t even open the software.

Operating system

Passport uses the software of BlackBerry OS 10.3. The upgraded system allows multitasking, with icons without shadows flatter and incorporates active windows; also know how to use Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

The software incorporates The Hub tool, which allows you to group all notifications in one place but lacks the dynamism of other systems to specialized sites reviews.

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