BitTorrent Bleep App provides secure messaging and VOIP service for free

Bittorrent bleep

BitTorrent Bleep is a messaging app like WhatsApp, FaceTime and other messaging apps, but what makes it secure? The most important thing that everyone cares is the Privacy, isn’t it? BitTorrent Bleep provides End to End Encrypted messaging service that doesn’t store any data in the cloud. All the data is stored in your phone storage only, once you delete them, all gone. So no data in the cloud, no chance for leak, right? Yes, you are almost there. Now there is only chance that can leak chat information, and that’s Viruses or Malware. No blame to Bleep, but it’s your smartphone and when it is affected, anything is possible.

BitTorrent Bleep is a messaging service that can be used to send text, photos and can also be used to make VOIP Calls. It is also free and available for all the platform: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. You can also use the app without registration just entering a nick name, but this makes it really difficult to find people and add anyone. So the best way to use it, you can register with your mobile number or email address. The below image defines how BitTorrent compares its Bleep Messaging service with other messaging app.

Bittorrent Bleep messaging comapre

Among most popular messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Snapchat don’t provide end to end encryption for chat and also stores data in the could, but BitTorrent Bleep can provide safe messaging for free. Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime do provide end to end encrypted messaging service, but stores data in the cloud, though Apple says will never leak the users’ information.

Watch a quick video about BitTorrent Bleep Messaging app to check what it really does.


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