Best Hidden SMS Trackers to Save Your Kids against CyberCrime

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A shout out to all the concerned parents out there! Are you aware of the ‘Blue Whale’ game that killed innocent children who loved playing games and interacting with strangers? If yes, then it’s high time for you to do something about it for the safety of your children and anyone you find suspicious of entering into a threatening cyber world. These innocent kids may not be aware of things that may harm them. Hence, it becomes your duty to keep an eye on every activity that your kids engage in. With the sophisticated technology available nowadays, there is nothing we can’t do to keep track of what’s going on in the internet world. Hidden SMS Tracker aids in recording all the history of various chat platforms, Wi-Fi networks, bookmarks and any activities in the social media.

We often find children fully emerged in their phones, their parent’s phones or even in their own tablets. It’s true that it is very hard to check on them every minute. Pedophiles usually enter into various game chat rooms and impress the children with their scores, which in turn leads to kidnapping and even worse scenarios. No matter how hard we try to protect them in real life, it goes out of our hands to protect them from the cyber world. This is not something to be taken lightly, but should be given the highest priority when it comes to safeguarding your children.

SMS Tracker

SMS trackers are available in different varieties. Some of them may not be as effective as others. Here are few relevant SMS trackers that you should try out:

The OneSpy SMS Tracker

One of the most commonly used SMS trackers is the OneSpy tracker. This aids the owner of the target phone to have complete access to the monitoring features, passwords and logins, aside from all the keystrokes that deny the target to hide anything at all. It not only helps in monitoring but also in switching the phone off and on, thus manipulating the applications by either deleting it or blocking it. Another feature includes complete blocking of the internet access and blocking call from strangers or unwanted numbers.

SpyEra SMS Tracker

SpyEra is a software that helps in tracking the target phone. It is available in smartphones ($69 per month), tablets ($69 per month) and in computers ($59 for a three-month license). Different features of this software include:

  • If the target phone changes the sim card, the owner is likely to get alerts with the help of this software.
  • The owner will be notified if the target phone is receiving any call in particular.
  • The battery level can be checked remotely.
  • Easy un-installation of the SpyEra software using web account can be done remotely.

Mobistealth software

If you are looking forward to spying laptops or cell phones, Mobistealth is the software you can consider buying. Some of the advantages of using this software are:

  • Mobisteath software will help in determining the sender and the receiver of the messages, as well as specifying the number and the date at which the message was sent.
  • It keeps track of all the activities that the children engage in all the time.
  • The kids will be unaware of this software because it will be difficult to detect it.
  • It also helps in monitoring corporate devices.
  • Since it is available at an affordable price, it is commonly used by many.


No one is safe in the cyber world, be it a kid or a teenager or even an adult. It poses a series of unpredictable events that become difficult to handle. With TeenSafe software, we can track and secure mobile and the activities done online. With this software, you will know who is bullying your kids, or who are sending photos or sharing their secrets with your children. Since it is an unsafe world out there, using this software is highly recommended to all the concerned parents.


PhoneSheriff software is known to be the best surveillance software in the world. By purchasing the full version of this software, you can have better control over your child’s online activities without them having any clue about it.