The best Free email apps for Android to use Multiple email accounts

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The most convenient option that smartphone has given is to check your emails on the go. You don’t need to wait to reach your home, office or Cyber Cafe to check new emails or reply them. There are many apps for Android, that can help to sync multiple email accounts, but all of them are not free. We will tell you the best free email apps for Android devices to use multiple email accounts in one app.

Best Free Email Apps for Android

Type Mail

I found only Email Type Mail that has received 4.6 Score out of 5, and this is certainly one of the best free email apps for Android devices. It’s completely free, and you can use unlimited accounts. You can also set your own signature removing the default one. It has support for POP3, IMAP as well as Exchange. It also supports Android Wear Communication. Type Mail is top in our list.

It is also a great email app to use multiple accounts. You can add all your email account in one place, and it also provide security with personal spam folder that filters the spam. is the only email app that has over 10 million downloads, and it was able to get 4.5 score out of 5.

Blue Mail

Blue mail is quite similar to Type Mail, and features almost everything what Type Mail does. It has scored 4.5 out of 5. If you see the screenshots in Play Store, you would get confused if it is Type Mail or Blue Mail. 😀


myMail supports all major email account and sets up IMAPl POP3, and SMTP settings.This app uses 0Auth authentication to sign in to Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail accounts and doesn’t require any credential. It also supports corporate email servers, like Lotus and Microsoft Exchange where SMTP and IMAP are enabled. It is also one of the best free email apps for Android.


Mailbox is an email app from Dropbox. It has integration for dropbox, and that’s why the Dropbox users will like it. If you are not a Dropbox user, you are not going to like that much. Because of some bugs this app scored only 4.1 out of 5.

Aqua Mail

This is one of the amazing email app that you will love. It supports multiple email account as well as Office 365 and Exchange Online. However, this app is placed at the last, and this is because it is not completely free. Free subscriber can not remove/changer signature and you are forced to promote Aqua Mail, and you can not add more than 2 email account. You will have to pay $ 4.95 to get the pro.

There could be a number list if we talk about the best free email apps for Android System. However, if you really ask us to suggest you the best email app for you internet email accounts, I would say “Type Mail.”


If you have only gmail account, you should use Google’s official Gmail app. You won’t find better than this.

Did we miss any great free email app? You can suggest an email app to include in our list of best free email apps for Android devices.