Best Android apps to train the brain

In this era of technology, it seems that the Smartphone is everything; the truth is that it gives the impression that every time we use Smartphone we have to use less brain. Your Android does it all: to add the bar tab, to remind you what to buy, to tell you how to get anywhere … to solve specialized scientific matter (and where I say specialized scientific matter I mean my mother lol!!) ensure that extra usage of Smartphone can make us useless with the ability of a thinking medium-low intelligence quotient. To prevent this from happening, it is best that we train our brain because, paradoxically, we use Android Smartphone in every case, and so today we present this a list of the best Android apps to train the brain; these apps are curious including NeuroNation, Fit Brains Trainer, Elevate, Neuron Gym, and Luminosity.


Ten minutes of exercise a day is what we need to keep our brains fit, or at least that’s what the creators of NeuroNation’s says. It is about 23 different exercises that we can choose to enhance memory, increase concentration, develop intelligence or improve logical thinking. You can check your progress and share them with friends.

Fit Brains Trainer

In similar way Fit Brains Trainer acts, which contains more than 360 training sessions, you can say that it’s a gym, with which you can augment with your memory, your mental agility, the ability of deduction and visual perception. It controls five main functions of brain and cognitively tests your progress.


It’s also a brain training app found on the Google Play store, which contains over 25 mini games that can develop skills such as concentration, reading, math, accuracy and comprehension. The application will propose personalized exercises that are becoming harder or faster, creating a ranking that can compare your skills against your friends.

Neuron Gym

And if you want more games to train your brain skills, we suggest that you continue your education with Gym Neuron. It offers various activities aimed at improving attention, memory, visual perception, problem solving and mental flexibility. These are very simple games and very addictive one, as one can repeats again and again trying to be faster and better. The results will show your progress, also you can compare with friends.


Luminosity has been developed by neuroscientists from universities, creating a number of very good games visually and with a very simple dynamic, as a result of which it develops different aspects of the brain. The application creates a specific training program for you and such improvements will be checking daily after a few minutes of working with it.

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