Backup Google Drive to OneDrive Easily Using Google Takeout and its Alternative Method

In this article, we will Know the needs to backup Google Drive to OneDrive for Business account, and will also discuss the manual & automated solutions like Google Takeout and G Drive to OneDrive migrator to move/ transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive (was popular as SkyDrive earlier).

It has grabbed our attention that many users are looking for ways to backup Google Drive to OneDrive. Cloud data backup & migration is not a novel concept anymore. With a growing number of cloud service providers, users enjoy more freedom to switch to the provider that suits their requirement best. However, G Drive to SkyDrive backup is a prominent concern of the cloud service users. Therefore, the write-up will focus on techniques to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive for business. First of all, have a look at the reasons behind this migration process.

Why People Choose to Add Google Drive to OneDrive

Considering Google Drive & Microsoft SkyDrive, there are a number of reasons by which people often export their files from G Drive to OneDrive. One of the major reasons is that Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage goes best with Office 365. As both are Microsoft products, they are compatible with each other in a better manner. Moreover, OneDrive supports an array of file types. Apart from these, many users have to transfer their data from G Drive to OneDrive due to official obligations. So it is evident that many people face the need to transfer file from Google Drive to SkyDrive.

How to Transfer Files from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business?

There are different ways to move Google Drive files to OneDrive. Here we will learn two techniques of G Drive to OneDrive data migration. To start with, we will discuss the method of using Google Takeout (Google Takeaway) in detail, which is the manual method.

Approach 1: Manual Technique to Backup Google Drive to OneDrive


  • Click Next to continue the process of migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive manually.


  • Navigate to Delivery method menu and choose Add to OneDrive option from the list


  • Now click on Link Account and Create Archive button


  • The Sign In page of Microsoft will appear on the screen. Users need to enter their Microsoft OneDrive username here. This is a compulsory step for migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive. Note: The id you will use here should belong to an MS OneDrive account, not to OneDrive for Business account. This technique does not support backup of Google Drive to SkyDrive for Business account


  • On the next page, enter the password for the username you have just entered. Click on Sign in


  • At this point, Google Drive to OneDrive migration process will begin. The amount of time needed for the complete migration depends on the size of data the user wants to migrate
  • Once the migration is completed, users have to visit login page of OneDrive and then navigate to My OneDrive
  • Try to open this link on the same web browser where you have entered your OneDrive account credentials. In that case, you will get automatically logged in to your SkyDrive account. Otherwise, you have to re-enter your OneDrive account username and password to log in.
  • After you log in, you will get to see a .zip file. Select that file and click on Download icon above. Let the zip file get saved on your system. Depending on its size, you have to wait for a while.


  • After the download is done, simply extract all the files from the ZIP file. Select what Google Drive files you would like to move to OneDrive
  • Now, use “drag and drop” method to transfer all preferred files to OneDrive account

Limitations of Manual Method

Though the manual method is a helpful technique for migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive, it comes with some limitations. The biggest limitation is that this method is only applicable to OneDrive account. OneDrive for Business account users will not get any help from this method. Moreover, users need to spend a lot of time to execute this technique. Keeping all these drawbacks in mind, an alternative method will be included in the discussion.

Approach 2: Expert Method to Transfer File from Google Drive to SkyDrive

 As it has been already mentioned in the earlier section, this manual method does not support Google Drive to OneDrive for Business Backup. Business Users can use SysTools G Drive to OneDrive Migrator to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive. This is an application that solves the issue of Google Drive to OneDrive for Business migration. All G Drive files can be seamlessly transferred to OneDrive for Business account with the help of this application. After data migration, the software keeps the folder structure intact. Users can save their precious time and effort by using this application. Here are some of the main features of this migration tool:

  • Transfer file from Google Drive to SkyDrive for Business seamlessly
  • Ability to migrate password protected Google Drive documents
  • Allows selective files export facility with Date filtering option
  • Rigorously maintains original folder hierarchy of Google Drive
  • Permits to change default permissions during migration
  • Supports all available versions of Windows Operating System


Backup Google Drive to OneDrive” has become one of the major cloud-to-cloud migration processes in recent time. To help users for migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive easily and securely, two approaches are discussed in this post. If users want to migrate their data into the personal OneDrive account, they can opt for the manual method. If the necessity revolves around OneDrive for Business account, then using the migration utility will be a fruitful option for them. This program is capable to move Google Drive files to OneDrive for Business. For easy and simple migration of Google Drive files to OneDrive for Business, use this application.

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