Download Full HD Fall or Autumn Wallpapers for Desktop

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Before you download the wallpapers, get to know a little about Autumn Seasons

Like many other seasons of the year, Autumn is also a season. It is the only season that has 2 names; Autumn and Fall. North American people know this season as Fall whereas Autumn is more popular in many other countries. There are four calendar seasons that are as follows;

  1. Spring : March to May
  2. Summer : June to August
  3. Fall/Autumn : September to November
  4. Winter : December to February

However, it’s not the same in Australia. March to May are the months of Autumn, June to August are the months of Winter, September to November are the months of Spring, and December to February are the months of Summer.

When Autumn Season starts, leaves start falling off the trees, and some of the trees loose all the leaves. The color of leaves get changed for some of the trees. If you are in the US, you must have heard about the School’s Fall Term. Some schools have Fall terms when Children, Young, and Teenagers go back to school.

Download Autumn or Fall Wallpapers and Backgrounds in Full HD Resolution

Have you ever wondered what is special with Autumn Wallpapers? They look beautiful and calm. Among all fall wallpapers, those with the Maple Leaves, are very popular. Most of the people download Autumn wallpapers with Maple leaves. The fallen Maple leaves on the ground or road really look awesome, and Maple trees with reddish leaves can attract anyone, and remind you the beauty of nature.

I have got some beautiful Fall wallpapers for you, and all of the images are in Full HD format (1920X1080 pixels) that will certainly look amazing on your desktop. You can also resize or adjust the image to use as Tablet or Smartphone Wallpapers.

autumn-background-blue-sky autumn-background-yellow autumn-background-tiger autumn-background-jungle-bridge autumn-background-green autumn-background-canal autumn-wallpapers-1 autumn-wallpapers-2 autumn-wallpapers-3 autumn-wallpapers-4 autumn-wallpapers-10 autumn-wallpapers-9 autumn-wallpapers-8 autumn-wallpapers-7 autumn-wallpapers-6 autumn-wallpapers autums-backgroud-3d autums-backgroud-color autums-backgroud-full-red-leaves autums-backgroud-painting fall-background-red fall-background-colorful fall-background-yellow fall-background-bench autums-backgroud fall-background-rose fall-wallpapers-cat fall-wallpapers-flowers falling-leaves-wallpaper fall-wallpapers-full-red fall-wallpapers-pinkish Fall-Wallpapers-of-dog-1 fall-wallpapers-lonely-seat fall-wallpapers-leaves fall-wallpapers-jungle fall-wallpapers-red-sky fall-wallpapers-road Fall-Wallpapers-silence-on-road-1 fall-wallpapers-yellow-leaves fall-wallpapers

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