Did Autoptimize block Disqus comment system? Here is how to enable

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Autoptimize is one of the best WordPress Plugins that you must use for your WordPress Blog. Earlier, we discussed how you can make your website load faster, and Autoptimize can help you with that. It can optimize JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and improve the performance of your blog.

However, Autoptimize has a known issue that developer has not fixed so far. If you are using Disqus Comment System Plugin for your Blog or website, Autoptimize will disable the comment option. If you tick the option “Force JavaScript in <head>, it will enable Disqus Comment, but it may break the blog design, including menu, header, and logo. You will realize this when you visit the website from a mobile device. This is what happened in my case. So if you are facing the same issue, I have got a solution for you.

How to enable Disqus Comment System if Autoptimize has blocked/disabled it?

–> Go to Autoptimize Settings by hovering the mouse pointer on Settings and click on Autoptimize. (You must be under Admin panel to get these options).

–> Click on Show Advanced Settings option. If you are already under Advanced Settings option, please skip this step.

–> Tick the option Optimize JavaScript Code.

–> Tick the option Also Aggregate inline JS.

–> Under Exclude Script from Autoptimize, copy and paste this without quotes " disqusConfig,disqus_config,disqusShortname ", and don’t remove commas.

–> Finally, click on Save Changed and Empty Cache option, and Disqus should be back online.

Disqus blocked by Autoptimize

Important Note: If you are using multiple plugins to optimize JavaScript, Disqus may not get enabled with this trick. However, using many plugins to optimize code isn’t a good sign. It causes conflicts and creates issues. It won’t help you make your website faster.