How to Authorize or Deauthorize computers from iTunes, and find how many computers I have authorize, Why I am unable to authorize (Mac and PC)

What is iTunes Authorization or Deauthorization

Apple allows to authorize maximum 5 Computers including Windows and Mac. iTunes Authorization allows to use purchased content on multiple devices, like Music, Apps, Books, Videos etc.. Deauthorizing a computer doesn’t mean that you will loose all the content you paid for. Those can still be accessed from other devices, and you can authorize again to use those content. Deauthorization simply puts a stop to that computer accessing your purchased content. Authorization or Deauthorization is applicable for Computers only, and you can access your purchased content on as many Mobile Devices as you want (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).

How do I Authorize computers from iTunes (Mac and Windows)

  • Launch iTunes App on your computer
  • Click on Store (Mac users have this option in menu bar, and Windows Users will find it within iTunes App)
  • Click on Authorize This Computers

Authorize computers for iTunes

  • Enter your Apple ID and Password. It could be your iCloud email or the email you used to create your Apple Account
  • Hit Authorize button

ID and Password

  • After successful Authorization, you will see a popup notification that will tell how many computers you have authorized so far. In my case, it is showing just one.

Authorization notification

That’s it, and now you can access all your purchased content on this computer.

Why I am unable to authorize my computer from iTunes

If you are using correct ID and Password, the only reason that would prevent you from authorization is that you have already authorized 5 computers. Now you need to deauthorize one to add another computer, or deauthorize all and authorize each one.

I am using iTunes only on one computer why it says that you have already authorized 5

It could be for various reasons that are as follows;

  1. You sold or gave away your computer without deauthorizing iTunes. Even the hard disk formatting doesn’t help in this case.
  2. You upgraded, downgraded or reinstalled Windows OS on your PC

Where do I check how many computers I have authorized

How to deauthorize a computer when you have access to it, and when you don’t

I have already answered these two question in our article how to deauthorize computers from iTunes. Please read the article that has the step by step to check number of authorized computers and deauthorize them whether you have access to those computers or not.

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