Asus Zenbook NX500 with 4K touchscreen

Asus Zenbook NX500

After presenting the Asus Zenbook UX303 , the Taiwanese company (Asus) has unveiled its latest creation in the market for high-end laptops: the Asus Zenbook NX500. We are talking about a laptop which is slim, lightweight design and comes with a touchscreen of 15.6 inches which achieves 4K resolution (ie a resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels ).

Asus will start shipping Zenbook NX500 from November with a starting price of $2,699, which puts this at the high-end laptop category. If we analyze further about the features of this laptop, the first thing we see is that Asus has incorporated the slim design (378 × 255 × 19 mm) with Zenbook NX500 and it’s also lightweight ( 2.4 kg ). It is not framed in plastic, but aluminum housing (with metal finish) that offers a modern design.

Asus Zenbook NX500 has 15.6 inches touchscreen, also supports multi-touch up to 10 fingers, and has 4K resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels (with the pixel density of 282 ppi). The high resolution of the screen itself provides technology complements which is intended to provide more realism in terms of colors and more accurate images.

The keyboard of the Asus Zenbook NX500 incorporates backlit. You can set the backlit manually if you want, but doesn’t really require. Thanks to its ambient light sensor that is capable of deciding itself the best backlit in all environment. In terms of technical performance specifications

Asus Zenbook NX500 is good enough to perform well. This laptop includes Intel Core i7-4702HQ which come with 4 cores, and can achieve a clock speed of up to 3.2 GHz with maximum turbo frequency. This processor has the base frequency of 2.2 GHz. 

Zenbook NX500 will come with 2 GB dedicated graphic card (GDDR5) of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M. As far as RAM is concerned, it will be available in variants of 4 and 8 gigabytes of capacity. The internal storage is available in the form of SSD with up to 512 gigabytes of capacity.

The connectivity of NX500 Zenbook consist of an HDMI port, three USB 3.0 ports, a headphone / mic, card reader, Ethernet and Mini display port plus wireless connectivity of Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi. All these features are supported by a battery of 96 Wh whose official autonomy has not been specified by Asus till now.

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