Are You Confused Whether You Should Shop Online Or Find A Physical Store?

online shopping

Sometimes people ask me where to buy the mobile? They even say that they found it cheaper on the online stores whereas the price it little higher at the shop/shopping mall, but they are afraid of purchasing online and tells some reasons, like device might be defective or duplicate, they doubt why the price is cheaper there, what if something happens to the device during the warranty period? I can’t imagine how people are like that? They want to save money, but they are afraid of many stupid things which are not even true.

I would like to share what the truth is and why you can trust online stores? The price for the mobiles or any other stuff will be cheaper online that is for sure, but you need to be active. There is a number of websites where you can shop, and can get your stuff delivered while sitting at home. What do you save here? You save your energy, and money to visit the shop (if the shop is not nearby). You can visit some websites to compare the price and buy from the website which gives you the best deal.

The reason of the price difference between online shop and a physical shop is: Online shop doesn’t cost much to maintain the stuff there, because they don’t have expenses, like premises expenses, staff expenses, maintenance expenses etc. Most of the online shop is not own by the seller, they just pay the commission after each sale. If there is no sale, no commission will be paid. That’s the main reason it gets cheaper, and they offer some discount coupon as well to the new customers where you can get more benefits.

As far as warranty if concerned, let me tell you that the seller has nothing to do with the warranty, they just sell the stuff, and the warranty is always managed by the service center (of the brand you have bought) of the device, and if the shopkeeper is enough good, they might take you device, but the device will be sent to the service center by them. Here, this might get delay if the shopkeeper is busy or forget to send you device to the service center. If you have the service center in the same city, you should go there yourself to get this fixed quickly.

Now the defective device issue: Any seller doesn’t send the defective device knowingly because it will harm their reputation, and 99% of the online shops have the option to return the item if it is defective. So, you can always return it and get another one. You won’t get a duplicate device as long as you know how to read. The features, technical specifications and the name of the item is clearly written on the internet, and that’s you responsibility to check it properly. And the last thing I would like to suggest is “always shop from a trusted online store, and you can always check their feedback online or can ask you friends who have bought from the same website.”

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