Are you a runner? Get your personal trainer as miCoach Smart Run

miCoach Smart Run

If you are a runner and looking for a device which can help you to motivate and provide you important feedback, go for Adidas miCoach Smart Run Watch. There are many smart watches and fitness tracker, like Sony Smart Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Nike+ FuelBand SE, but Adidas has something unique which is its Heart Rate Monitor. There are people after different kind of gadgets which includes mobiles, tablets, cameras and laptops, but I am a watch guy, and I found this thing awesome with this watch. Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch has a built in feature which detects the pulse and shows the heart rate. This is the best feature Smart Run has which makes it unique. This wearable watch come with 4 GB space (3 GB Usable) which can be used to store your data and music files. It has a wireless MP3 player which can keep you entertained while running, but there is no option to plug an earphone/headphone in. You need to rely on Bluetooth as it is Bluetooth enabled (V 4.0).

micoach smart run strap


The watch looks stylish and can be used by both man and woman. MiCoach Smart Run gives you an advanced coaching and performance data to keep you motivated so that you can do the running in the best way. This is useful for a buddy as well as an advanced runner. Once you get the miCoach Smart Run you need to activate all the features connecting to a computer which requires a miCoach user account and internet connection. The main features of miCoach Smart Run are: Wireless Music Player, Bluetooth V4.0, Heart Rate Monitor, Timer, GPS, WLAN and Smart Coaching. It’s 1.45” color TFT LCD display, and the display shows the time on the screen by default. If you want to navigate other options, you can swipe from right to left which includes Settings, Music and miCoach. Settings allow you to set the things up the way you want, like turning on/off Bluetooth, WiFi  etc. Music allows you to browse the music on your devices and play it. The timer doesn’t have a lot to do as it just shows the time, and you can use stop watch though there is no alarm option. The option miCoach has many things to do, like setting up a training session, fitness test, workouts and so on.

button to unlock on miCoach smart run

However, the battery might be an issue if you are out even for a night/day. Its soft touch silicone strap doesn’t hurt your wrist even its little tighter on the wrist. There is an issue what should have been taken care of as you can’t export the data to use it on any other website, you need to depend on miCoach account only. The display gets locked automatically if not in use, and you can just press the button (given on the upper side of the strap) to unlock it. It’s a very useful feature when you have a device and its battery doesn’t last longer. An Adidas miCoach Smart Run costs $400 which is more than double of Nike+ Fuel Band SE, but they both have different features. If you can afford you should buy one. It works as a personal trainer which is very useful for runners.

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