Ara Project: Google modular phone

Earlier this month we knew that Google was entering a draft modular phones would be named Ara Project. A few days after the official confirmation, and have an interesting collection of images showing us how could be the final appearance of Ara Project . We talked about a new type of smart phones that are characterized by not having a fixed design, but are made ​​piece by piece so that the user can modify any of the components of the mobile.

The picture that heads this article shows us how to be interchangeable parts inside the phone. These parts allow you to modify the capacity of internal storage , the battery capacity and the camera (including specifications) simply by taking a piece and introducing another one instead.

But do not stop there novelty of modular phones. While it is true that the most important of a mobile is its interior, is also essential that smartphones are accompanied by a screen with good image quality. Therefore, the mobile modular Ara Project would have a sort of removable screen that the user could trade off depending on how mobile modifying internal components. Still, the true essence of these terminals lie in the freedom to change any of the internal parts of the terminal.

Now, keep in mind that the proposed modular mobile Google searches not become a direct competitor to manufacturers like Samsung , Apple or Sony. Rather we are destined to a mobile to tech-savvy users, while expert users might acquire modular versions that are expected to be the prices that between 400 to 500 euros, more modest users might have the opportunity to enjoy a smartphone accessing a simpler version which price would walk around the 50-70 euros .

The Ara Project is slowly taking shape, but we should not delude ourselves prematurely because the moment we have a very ambitious idea will require much investment to get ahead. If all goes well, by the year 2015 we could start to see the first modular mobile by Google. Until then we have no choice but to settle for these small advances in the form of images.

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