How to know if Apple Magic Trackpad 2 will work with your Mac

Apple recently launched Magic Trackpad 2 that features force touch like new MacBooks. So you can get the force touch trackpad now even for your desktop (iMac). Along with normal tap, force touch trackpad allows to click firmly, and then press deeper for addition function. For example : a simple click allows to select a word on web page, and when you apply little pressure, it opens an small popup windows to show the definition. Isn’t it cool? Apple Magic Trackpad also comes with built in rechargeable battery, and it would power your system for a whole month or even more after full charge. It also gets connected to your Mac automatically

However, Magic Trackpad 2 doesn’t work with all MacBooks or iMacs. So before you go ahead to order one, please make sure your system meets the requirement. Your Macbook or iMac should have latest OS X 10.11 El Capitan installed, and it should feature Bluetooth 4.0. If it does, Apple Magic Trackpad 2 will work for sure.

How to know if Apple Magic Trackpad 2 will work with your Mac

Just check two things on your Macbook or iMac; Bluetooth 4.0 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan

How to check OS X and Bluetooth Version on Mac

  • At the top left corner, click on Apple Logo
  • Click on About this Mac
  • Now you can check what OS X version your MacBook or iMac has. It must have OS X 10.11 El Capitan to use Apple Magic Trackpad 2, else you need to update it to the latest version

How to check if what OS X version my macbook iMac has

  • Now click on system report to check Bluetooth version
  • Select Bluetooth under hardware section
  • Now check LMP Version, it should be 0x6 if you MacBook or iMac features Bluetooth 4.0

How to check what bluetooth version my MacBook has

Older systems may show LMP Version as 0x4, that means your system doesn’t have Bluetooth 4.0, and Apple Magic Trackpad 2 will not be compatible. That’s all you need to check. If your Macbook or iMac is 2-3 years old, please don’t forget to check these things before you buy Apple Magic Trackpad 2.

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