Apple luxury watch can cost up to US $ 30,000

The new Apple Watch promises to be available to all categories; from the “conventional”, valued at US $ 349 to the high range, which may be around US $ 30,000.

The new Apple Watch is a device that promises to go hand in hand with the user’s health. From market studies that were conducted in the US, the majority of respondents agreed with be willing to pay almost the same amount to be ordered the device; US $ 349. Most men agreed with design, while almost all women not only felt comfortable but were willing to buy to give away.

The strange thing is that it started pre-selling the deluxe version, which comes to its users by mid 2015. This is a version of smart watch coated diamonds, whose design was conducted by the prestigious company of Mervis luxury accessories. The announcement came in Mervis fanpage on Facebook, but soon was eliminated.

The belt attachment is 18 carat gold with 8 rows of diamonds 15 carat. It is the second time the jewelry company works closely with Apple; previously it took a deluxe version of the iPad which cost the public amounted to US $ 20,000.

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