Another lawsuit against Google related to Android Phone deals

Google monopoly about Android phone deals

Google has always been talk of the town, and these days it’s little more but in the negative sense. One after another lawsuits are being filed against Google. It’s been a couple of weeks when One lawsuit was filed saying that Google monitors our personal mails to customize ad and its other services, and now there is another regarding the Android Phone Deals. Let’s know what has happened!

The lawsuit against Google says that Google is doing monopoly about the Android Phone Deals, and forcing the device maker to put Google as a default search engine which is increasing cost of the mobiles and users are paying more than they should have paid.

Check the screenshot captured from pcworld:

consumer class-action complaintGoogle has been accused taking advantage of MADA (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement) in a wrong way, and making secret pacts with the device makers to set Google as a default search engine and launching mobile with default Google apps, because they know that users want to see the new Android device with the default Google applications. In this case, other service providers are not getting chance to provide their service as they could do the same way as Google is doing. Device makers have not been accused for this, because they do that because of the Google power over the internet and they explained further that the Android device can be available at the cheaper rate if other service providers get the chance to claim the same position paying the same price what Google does.

There were instances when Google has been accused. Check the below screenshot taken from pcworld:

lawsuit against GoogleAndroid seems to be a open source OS. Google said in the statement that Anyone can use Google without Android, and anyone can use Android without Google as well.

Source:  PcWorld



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