Anime News Network (ANN) is the best site for Latest Anime/Manga News

Anime News Network ANN

There are many sites related to Anime and Cartoon Videos, but today we are going to tell your about a website that is the best source to keep yourself updated with the latest news and updates on Anime. Most of you already know about Anime News Network, this website is also known as ANN.

If you want to Watch Anime Online, you can visit Kiss Cartoon or WatchCartoonOnline for dubbed Anime, but for the news, updates and other information, Anime News Network(ANN) is the best place. It was founded by Justin Sevakis in 1998, this is the same year when Google was founded.

ANN received over 16 million hits every month, according to Similarweb Traffic Report, and it ranks 2,444 in the United States and 5,616 in the World according to Alexa Web Rank Report (Traffic and Rank Keep Changing).

Anime News Network is basically dedicated to 2 topics; Anime and MangaAnime is Japanese Style Film or TV Episodes that is made for Adult and Children. Manga is Japanese Style comic books and graphic novels that is written and prepared for Children as well as adult. So Anime is about Watching Videos and Manga is about Reading.

What can you do on Anime News Network

  1. Read Latest News and Updates on Anime/Manga, including Novels, Videos, Games etc.
  2. Read Anime Reviews
  3. Get the list of Upcoming Anime Videos, DVD, Blu-Ray etc.
  4. Watch Anime Trailers
  5. Register Yourself on ANN and join other members with the same interest
  6. Participate in contests and Win Prize/Giveaway
  7. Participate in Surveys

When you visit Anime News Network site, you will see the option to select your region. There are 4 options; USA & Canada, UK & Ireland, Australia & New Zealand and Southeast Asia. However, selecting any of those option doesn’t seem to change the content of the page, but selecting the right region could be helpful when you want to go on Forum.

You will love the Encyclopedia section on their website, because it allows to customize the search result in various ways as you can see in the below screenshot. Whether you are looking for a specific Anime or Manga, just type it or click on the available search options, and you would find it.

Anime News Network Encyclopedia Saerch

A logged in user on Anime News Network can organize all the Manga they have already read or want to read in future. You can create custom list of graphic novels and titles, add your comment and do much more. The custom list made by you can be kept as private or you can make it public, so other people can see it. In the same way, you can also check the public list created by other users, and it will help you to find new manga that you should read, or to avoid some with bad reviews. The same is applicable for Anime. You can organize and make a list of Anime that you have already watched or you want to watch, and join other people to see their reviews on Anime and so on…

You can visit Anime News Network if you are of the Anime or Manga fan, and join forum to find many more people like you. Good Luck!

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