Now Microsoft Office and Skype will come pre-installed on Android Tablets


Android tablet with preinstalled MS office OneDrive Skype

Micros0ft is working hard to make its cross-platform strategy stronger, and now has done partnership with 20 new OEMs. In march, Microsoft did partnership with Global OEMs Dell and Samsung, 8 regional OEMs and top Original device manufacturer Pegatron to bring Android tablets with pre-installed Skype and Microsoft Office.

After March, Microsoft did it again. Now they have done partnership with 20 New OEMs that include LG, Sony, Haier and 17 others. These companies will have Pre-installed Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, OneDrive and Skype on Android tablets. Sony will include these apps in Xperia Z4 tablet and in next 90 days and LG will also include in its new Android Tablets. Now Microsoft has done partnership with 31 OEMs in total.

This is what Microsoft says about its cross-platform strategy:

Our strategic agreements with these partners demonstrate how Microsoft is leveraging the scale of the hardware ecosystem, and working with partners in new ways to deliver rich experiences to our customers. This is a cornerstone of our cross-platform services strategy, to bring an array of Microsoft services to every person on every device. By pre-installing Microsoft software and services solutions on Android tablets, our partners are able to increase the value of those devices by delivering the rich productivity experiences customers want. In addition, partners will be able to take advantage of opportunities to realize new revenue streams.

These are the 20 new OEMs that will have Pre-installed Microsoft Office, Skype and OneDrive on their Android Tablets:



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