An incredible case for iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 that sticks to any smooth surface (Zero G)

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zero g case for iphone 6 plus

You must have seen a case for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 with holder that allow the Phone to take a position for reading or watching a video. But today we’ll talk about some more advanced technology, the new adhesive and removable case for iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 that allows you to fix your mobile phone any surface.

It’s some interested Smartphone housing project that allows attaching your iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 to any smooth surface. Zero G uses a special material that acts like mini pacifiers can be used on the back side of many phones or models, without any irritating sticky material. You can use this case for a number of purposes. You can stick it on any smooth surface like kitchen cabinets, glass surface, whiteboards, metal, computer screens as well as tiles.

It’s very handy when you are in the kitchen preparing a meal, or in the garage tinkering where you want to take Selfies. You can use it in office. Anyways, there are many options to use this valuable gadget. This case made by Zero G is not only durable, but it can be easily get cleaned.

The case will be available for iPhone 6 iPhone, 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy. Don’t waste more time, be quick and get your phone case immediately. The cheapest model costs only $ 39. Get the most of the adhesive case for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.